Included in Steelcon’s programme are solutions for all fields of industry and for every requirement for factory-made steel chimneys. Our products are intended especially for energy- and environmental stacks for:

Power Plant chimneys
Heidenheim, Hamburg, Greenland
Jühlich, Opeleisennach, Oslo
Phillips, Schwerin, Shönebeck
St. Avold, Viken, Würzburg
Mol, Dabrowa, Dabrowa
Silkeborg, Roskilde, City Hafen
Witzenhausen, Port Talbot, Swiecie
Wloclawek, VGK Kohla-Järve, Antwerp
Asnæsværket, Liepaja

Waste Incineration Plant chimneys
Antwerp, Fribourg, Indaver
Kolding, Lakeside, Limoges
Linköbing, Nijmengen, Quimper
Saint Gaudens, Skanderborg, Zorbau
Hjørring, Valmadrea, Lake Site
Vedene, Uddevalla, Eschebrügge
Rostock, Mainz, Zella Mehlis
Roosendal, Krefeld

Biomasse Plant chimneys
Waterford, Cluses

Glass Plant chimneys
Rockware, Dabrowa

Industry Plant chimneys
Schenefeld, Tychy, Airbus
Alabuga, Eisenhüttenstadt, Karlsruhe

Paper Mill Plant chimneys
Cacia, Visypaper, Lockerbie
Flensburg, Sharpsborg, Ôrnsköldsvik
Leirosa, Lockerbie, Sarpsborg

Gas Turbine and Diesel Power Plant chimneys
Asia Power, Askeaton, Malta
Shanghai, Sudan, Wastralian
Perlach, Terekshovo
Mellach, Levice, Collahuasi
Panama, Mauritius, Korinth

Cement and Brickyard Plant chimneys
Dyckerhoff, Lagan, Nice
Siggenthal, Aalborg, Newcastle
Xeuilly, Achenheim, Nice

Cemical- and Petrochemical Plant chimneys
Billingham, Brunsbuttel, D-Bayer
Ellesmere, Hunstmann, Kazakstan
Runcorn, Shanghai

Steel and Mineral Plant chimneys
Alcoa, Kwinana, Redcar
Rockware, Gladbeck, Blue Water
Dillingen, Port Kembla, Kamenogorsk

Ventilation Plant chimneys
Florö, Graz, Hamburg
Horsens, Lundbeck, Trollhättan

Eastington, Faarup, Kolding
Flensberg, Flemish, Kolding
Advertisement Pylon


Moscow, Russia

Project: Two sets of steel chimneys for Heating Power Plants

For 2 new District Heating Power Plants in Moscow - the most modern district heating power plants in Russia- Steelcon has delivered two sets of steel chimneys to both sites in Tereshkovo and Kujokovo in the Moscow area; the supply consists of 3 No. Main Stacks each 120 m high and 3 No. By-pass Stacks each 34 m high. The supply is a total solution made by Steelcon including the statical calculations as well as the construction drawings made according to the Russian standards, total fabrication of the steel chimneys in Esbjerg, transport of the chimneys to site in Moscow by approx. 75 special vehicles, and finally: the erection of the steel chimneys.


The project has been a great challenge to Steelcon. Steelcon have provided the statical calculations/construction work according to the Russian standards, all documentation in Russian, the transport of so many sections on special vehicles, all details to comply with a Russian bureaucratic system of papers, and taken care of the erection. Challenges concerning the special erection licences in Russia was also successfully fulfilled.


On the basis of these experiences, Steelcon is ready for other great projects for the Russian market.


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