Large Project for Kiel, Germany finalized


Dominion Steelcon Completes Large Steel Chimney & Ductwork Project for Küstenkraftwerk Kiel!

Dominion Steelcon has finalized a large steel chimney project in Kiel, Germany.  Four (4) 72m high steel chimneys and ductwork have been designed, fabricated, transported and installed. The stacks are 3,4 m wide (in diameter) and all have 5 no. of 1000 mm stainless steel interior liners. They were fabricated and delivered in four sections and all supplied with ladders.

The supply took place over a years time due to other ongoing work at the plant. Delivery and installation of stacks and ductwork were planned carefully and in close coordination with the client and owner.  Dominion Steelcon was also involved on mounting 20 other components inside the building, supplied by others.

The end client on this project was Kraftanlagen München, who was responsible for the the state-of-the-art gas engine heating power plant with combined heat and power generation.