Política de dados pessoais

Who are we?
This website that you visit, is owned and driven by DOMINION Steelcon A/S (“Steelcon”), Lillebæltsvej 62, 6715 Esbjerg N, CVR nr. 66631613. When we use your personal data on our website, or we deliver services to you, Dominion Steelcon is responsible for your data and the one you can contact.

When and for which purpose do we gather your personal information?
We gather your personal data when you give them to us by accepting the cookies, including when you communicate with us via e-mail or other channels; when you sign up for newsletters or other material, when you apply for a position with us; and when you react to our communication or ask about information regarding a new project, a request for quotation etc.

What do we use?
At the use of cookies

When you interact with our website, we use cookies with the purpose of having a functional website that can be optimized.

At the sign up for newsletters or ‘write to us’

If you sign up for a newsletter, we gather your name, address, e-mail and company information with the purpose of giving you marketing material. The use of personal data at the sign up of newsletter is carried out with your consent.

At the application of jobs

If you apply for a job with us, we gather your name, e-mail address, possible preferences for job requirements, application, exam proofs, recommendations and other documentation.

If you are selected for a position with us, we will sometimes collect external references on you.

The use of personal information at any job application will be carried out before any entering a possible employment contract. Where we use external references, this is however carried out on the basis of your consent.

 You can always withdraw your consent to the collection of external references, just as you can also withdraw your application. If you choose to do this, we will not be able to offer any possible employment.

 At the use of ‘write to us’ or ‘request product’

If you request a specific information concerning a project or something else by the use of the functions ‘write to us’ or ‘request product’, we collect your name, address, e-mail address and company information with the purpose of giving you the requested information. The use of personal data with the purpose of giving you information about a project or something else, is carried out on your request prior to the entering of a contract with Steelcon.

 When buying a product etc

If you have bought a product, we only use the personal information for fulfilling the contract. The use of personal data when buying a product etc. is carried out to fulfill the agreement between you and us as well as giving you relevant service information.

What do we collect from other sources?
We receive information about you from social media, including when you are acting with us on social media and which content you access on social medias. The information we receive is controlled by the personal data policy on the relevant social media and we encourage you to review it.

How do we share your information?

We do not sell, rent or in other way share your personal data for independent use, except for what has explicitly has been described with your prior approval.

We share your personal information with our suppliers who carry out services on our behalf or your behalf, e.g. hosting services, IT suppliers or suppliers of craftmanship. No matter where your personal information is used by us or by suppliers, who carry out these services on our or your behalves, we take the appropriate actions in order to protect your personal information.

We will also share your personal information when it is requested by law.

When do we delete your data?

We do not keep your personal information longer than it is necessary to fulfill the purposes that we collected the information for, or as long as it is required in order for us to fulfill our legal obligations to you or corresponding to ensure our rights.

For job applications, we delete your personal information not later than 6 months after the final refusal on the specific job application.

For marketing consents, we delete your personal information three years after the last contact to you in connection to the specific marketing consent.

For material concerning project supplies, we delete your personal information 5 years after the completion of the financial year in which the project was taken over (financial year = 1/1 to 31/12) – at any dispute, the delete deadline can be expanded up to 10 years and at guarantee we delete your personal information at the expiration of the guarantee.

COOKIES and pixel tags

On our website, we use the following methods, e.g. cookies and pixel tags.

Third party can also collect information through the website through cookies, third party plugins and -widgets. These third parties will collect the information directly from your internet browser. The treatment of the information is subject to their own private life policy.

Generally we use three categories of cookies on our website.

Functional: These cookies are necessary for the functionality of the website and are therefore always activated. Functional cookies among others make sure that you are remembered while you browse our website in one session or from time to time if you wish so. They make the buying process possible and help in connection with safety problems and compliance of rules.

Performance: Performance-cookies give us the possibility to improve the functionality of our website by following the use of it. In some instances, these cookies improve our processing time in connection with your request and give us the possibility to improve your website settings. De-activation of performance-cookies can degrade the customized recommendations and the performance of the website.

Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies (from third party) collect information which contribute to customize ads to your interests both on and outside our website. In some instances, these cookies imply the use of your personal data. De-activating the marketing cookies can imply that you see ads which are not as relevant for you.

Below you can see which cookies the website use, for which purposes the specific cookies are used, who set the specific cookie and how long it is being stored on your equipment.

 Name                            Purpose                         Responsible (data owner)        Type


Used by Cloudfare to identify safe web traffic.

Data is sent to USA.



Is deleted after 1 year


Used by Steelcon.com to control / keep user session   condition across side requests.

Data is sent to Germany.



Is deleted after every session.


Is registering a unique ID, that is used for   statistics of the users’ behavior. Data is sent to USA.



Is deleted after 2 years


Used by Google Analytics to regulate the speed of   the number of requests to the server. Data   is sent to USA.



Is deleted after every session.


Is registering a unique ID, that is used for   statistics of the users’ behavior. Data is sent to USA.



Is deleted after every session.


Is used for sending data to Google Analytics about   the visitor’s unit and behavior. Is tracking the visitor across units and   marketing channels. Data is sent to USA.



Is deleted after every session.


Is used by Steelcon.com to control the language   versioning.

Data is sent to Germany.


HTTP 3   months.


If you do not wish that we set or read cookies on your equipment, you have the possibility to opt out the cookies on your web browser. This you can do in the internet settings on every browser and unit you have.

You can also choose to get your computer to make a warning every time there is sent a cookie or you can choose to deactivate all cookies. All browsers are different so check our browser’s help function to find the right way of changing in your cookie settings.

How do we ensure your information?
We choose to use suppliers who implement safety in compliance with the industry practice for good IT safety and we use cryptonised data communication when we transfer sensitive personal information.

This includes when it is necessary, appropriate and possible to get written insurances from third parties who have access to your personal information in which they must guarantee that they will protect the data with the safety precautions that are made to ensure a sufficient safety level.

No information system however can be 100% sure. So, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of your information. Moreover, we are not responsible for the safety of the information you send to us via networks which we cannot control, including internet and WIFI.

What are your rights?
If you do no longer wish to receive marketing from us, you can either use the opt out functions which have been highlighted in the last communication from, or you can contact us by sending us an e-mail with the help of the below contact information.

You have the right to get your information updated or changed if this changes or if you think that the information we have gathered is inaccurate.

You can also ask us about access to see which personal information we have about you and you have in some cases the right to receive your personal information in a structured, normally used and machine-readable format.  

You can also ask us to have our use of your personal information stopped or limited. Furthermore, you can also ask us about having your personal information deleted unless we have the right or the duty to continually keep these. 

If you ask to have your personal information stopped or limited, this can imply that we no longer can deliver marketing to you or can deliver the agreed service to you.

If any security breach will happen, we will inform the relevant data protection authorities and inform you about the breach if it will cause a high risk for your rights and your freedom.

You have the right to complain to the Data Protection about the use of your personal information. If you want to discuss or use the rights you might have, you can always contact us.

This is how we can be contacted
If you want to contact us with questions about our personal data protection policy and use your rights or if you only want to opt out from receiving marketing material from us, you can use one of the following options:

- Normal post - Dominion Steelcon A/S ("Steelcon"), Lillebæltsvej 62, 6715 Esbjerg N.
- E-mail – dominion.steelcon@dominion-global.com

In your inquiry please mention your identity and what your request concerns. We will ask you to document your identity if this does not clearly appear in your first inquiry. 

Changes in personal data protection policy
From time to another, we can change this personal data protection policy to accommodate new technologies, industry practices, legal requirement or other purposes.

We inform you via e-mail or on our website if these changes are essential and if it is required by applicable legislation, we will gather your consent.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
The use of our website is subject to Danish Law and any possible disputes concerning or as a result of the use of our website must be decided in Denmark.