Vision, mission and value base


• Dominion Steelcon will be the leading steel chimney company in the market, and the manufacturer of large factory made steel chimneys within the EU and other chosen markets that the customers prefer. 

• Dominion Steelcon wish to deliver a product which is of the most superior quality in the market.


• Dominion Steelcon's primary product is our factory-made large steel chimneys.

• Dominion Steelcon wish to be regarded as a company offering its customers excellent advice and project progress and delivering a high quality product at the agreed time.

• Dominion Steelcon will be the leading company in the marketplace and secure its future position on the basis of a defined growth strategy.

• Dominion Steelcon must secure the efficiency in the value cycle resulting in the lowest costs within this line of business.

Value base

• Dominion Steelcon want their employees to be flexible, motivated and responsible, to work as part of the Steelcon team and to follow the goals decided by the management. In this connection the management have to secure an optimum information level, and to achieve this the employees are informed through News Letters and information meetings.

• All Dominion Steelcon's employees and workers must treat their colleagues, the sub-suppliers, customers etc. with respect.

• Dominion Steelcon wish to attract and retain the best employees in this line of business through offering them “freedom with responsibility” within the wide limits laid down.

• The aim is to fulfil the individual person’s ambition level, within a good working environment and raise their awareness that such actions result in customer satisfaction and profitability through which their working place is secured.