Inspection and Repair Work

At Dominion Steelcon we offer both compulsory inspections of industrial chimneys according to EN 13084-1 as well as required or desired repair work of existing chimneys. Furthermore, we also offer statical calculations in various forms of existing steel chimneys.

Regular inspections of your steel chimney play an important role in identifying potential maintenance and repair issues and are key to performing repairs in a cost effective and timely manner. At Dominon Steelcon A/S we perform a service check of more than 25 different functions, all to ensure the chimney is working properly. Inspections and maintenance are critical to the equipment as well as the safety of your plant personnel, as neglect may lead to severe deterioration and equipment failure. 

Our experienced team of engineers and skilled construction experts have developed detailed inspection and maintenance programs for all types of chimneys. We’re able to evaluate the current condition of the structure to determine if the life of the stack can be extended, modified and utilized for another purpose, or if it needs to be demolished.  On a yearly basis we carry out inspection on more than 700 steel stacks worldwide.

For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Department.

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