Workshop Facilities

Dominion Steelcon has its own workshops in  Kosice, Slovakia, that produce industrial steel chimneys, duct systems as well as our other product for a worldwide delivery. These workshop ensure that we are competitive on all markets. In total, we have production facilities on app. 8500m2 and production capacities of app. 150 000 work hours per year. Workshop is ultra-modern and with the newest equipment used by a stab of very good employees.

As one of the leading global suppliers of steel chimneys, quality and the management of this is essential and highly prioritized at Dominion Steelcon. This also characterizes our production facilities.  We are certified according to ISO EN 9001 and Dominion Steelcon have also been approved by various certifying agencies to weld steel constructions according to EN1090 EXC 3. Furthermore, Dominion Steelcon A/S have been authorized to issue CE certificates for steel chimneys according to EN13084-7 and EN1090-1. For more information, please click here.

We have continuous both internal and external supervisions that ensure that we deliver the right quality in our documentation as well as in the delivered product from our workshop.

That we also observe the environment- and safety regulations and focuses highly on these, can be read in the chapters "Environment" and "Safety".

Please find detailed information about Dominion Steelcon' s workshop facilities in Kosice, Slovakia in the link below.

Dominion Steelcon's Workshop Facilities.