Gas turbine steel chimneys

Steel chimneys for gas turbines are chimneys with so large dimensions that they cannot be produced in whole sections, transported and erected within few days as "normal-sized" pre-fabricated steel chimneys. They are then produced and delivered in prefabricated panels which are bolted together or fully welded on site. There is no exact size that divide a stack from being a pre-fabricated stack to a gas turbine stack built in panels - it depends on where and how the chimney is to be transported and is hence evaluated in the specific case.

Dominion Steelcon has in the last decade developed best-practices on these large dimensioned gas turbine chimneys both in terms of design, production, transport and erection which result in great possibilities for minimizing costs for the customers as well as a better quality on the supply,

Examples of these gas turbine steel chimneys can be found below and you are also more than more welcome to contact Dominion Steelcon and learn about the possibilities for your specific project.