Statical calculations

Dominion Steelcon offers to carry out new statical calculations of existing steel chimneys if changes to these are projected (e.g. new measuring nozzles to be mounted or the like) or if the shell thickness of the steel chimney is significantly reduced due to corrosion. In the latter case, we recommend carrying out a new statical calculation based on the results of the ultrasonic measuring of the inspection. It will then be determined whether reinforcement of the shell should be necessary and how a such is recommended designed.

Dominion Steelcon can hence offer both statical calculations and drawings/sketches for this execution. Whether the customer wants Dominion Steelcon to physically execute this work is the choice of the customers'.

If the chimney is moved to another site, this also requires a new statical calculation as well as a new anchor basket - both deliveries which Dominion Steelcon can assist in.