• Steel Chimneys

    Each steel chimney is designed according to the customer’s special requirements and demands.

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  • Inspection and Repair Work

    We offer you compulsory inspections, statical calculations and repair work of all kind. Feel free to contact us to enquire any of our services.

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Chimney solutions for every purpose

Included in Dominion Steelcon’s programme are steel chimney solutions for all fields of industry and for every requirement for factory-made steel chimneys. Our products are intended especially for energy- and environmental stacks for:

  • Power Plant chimneys
  • Waste Incineration Plant chimneys
  • Biomasse Plant chimneys
  • Glass Plant chimneys
  • Industry Plant chimneys
  • Paper Mill Plant chimneys
  • Gas Turbine and Diesel Power Plant chimneys
  • Cement and Brickyard Plant chimneys
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plant chimneys
  • Steel and Mineral Plant chimneys
  • Ventilation Plant chimneys

Please read more about the specific products / services offered in the left hand side and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or enquiries.

Besides from supplying new steel chimneys, Dominion Steelcon also offers maintenance of existing chimneys - inspections and repair works - as well as carrying out statical calculations. This can be read under "Service" to your left.